SolidariWeed 2024 Unites BC Cannabis Workers in the Fight for Fair Workplaces 

Solidariweed 2024 Unites BC Cannabis Workers in the Fight for Fair Workplaces

On June 15th, cannabis workers and the wider Vancouver Island community gathered at SolidariWeed 2024, the BC Bud Union’s first ever union cannabis festival, to celebrate their contributions to the cannabis industry and show solidarity in their common goal of fair workplaces. 

SolidariWeed kicked off with an introduction to the BC Budtenders Union, highlighting how cannabis workers across British Columbia have united to advocate for the rights and respect they deserve. The festival featured informative workshops, speakers, booths, and opportunities where non-union budtenders could gain insight from BC Bud members on their certification and bargaining experiences and learn how they can effect change in their workplaces.

Participants heard from renowned cannabis advocate, campaigner, and founder of Cannabis Culture, Jodie Giesz-Ramsay, who shared insights into BC’s cannabis industry and how workers can help make the industry fairer and more inclusive. 

Jodie Giesz-Ramsay speaking at SolidariWeed 2024
Dana Larsen speaking at SolidariWeed

Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from author and cannabis activist Dana Larsen, one of Canada’s most well-known advocates for cannabis reform and an end to the global war on drugs. Dana spoke about his experience in the legalization movement, how far cannabis activism has come since then, and the importance of a unified cannabis movement to drive change on a global scale. 

SolidariWeed highlighted the BC Bud Union and the major wins that unionized budtenders have secured in recent years. The BC Bud Union was founded in 2020 when Victoria cannabis workers united to form the first unionized dispensary in Canada. Since then, the union has secured major wins for budtenders, ranging from workplace policies guaranteeing two workers on-shift for safety purposes, to employer paid cannabis sommelier training – and they’re just getting started. BC Bud Union members continue to fight for the respect and fairness that all budtenders deserve for the vital role they play in the cannabis industry.

Participants also took part in fun events like the Cannabis Olympics, where they put their joint-rolling skills to the test, and explored booths featuring the UFCW Outreach, the Bedazzle Your Bong booth, the BC Bud Union booth, and more. 

This year’s SolidariWeed showcased the potential of BC cannabis workers to drive positive change and underscored the importance of a united labour movement in the pursuit of better working conditions and rights. Energized and ready to stand together, these budtenders are ready to transform British Columbia’s cannabis industry for the better! 

The BC Budtender Union is a growing division of UFCW 1518, a movement comprised of tens of thousands of workers in BC’s retail sector. These members are working together to revolutionize the Cannabis industry.

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