Highline Mushroom Workers Make History & Join UFCW 1518

Welcome to UFCW 1518: Highline Mushroom

HighliNE mUSHROOMS wORKERS Make History & join UFCW 1518

Workers at Highline Mushrooms factory farms have made history by certifying with UFCW 1518. This milestone marks the first time in many years that a group of migrant agricultural workers has exercised their right to join a union in British Columbia.

Migrant agricultural workers, particularly seasonal workers, face unique and significant challenges as a result of their migrant status and the nature of their work. The mushroom industry relies on the labour of these workers, who often endure long hours, difficult conditions, and low wages, despite the industry generating nearly over half a billion dollars in annual revenue. By joining UFCW 1518, these workers have taken a monumental step towards revolutionizing the agricultural sector, asserting their demand for respect and recognition for the vital role they play in the Canadian mushroom industry.

With the collective power of over 27,000 UFCW 1518 members standing behind them, these workers are ready to fight for fair wages, safe working conditions, and the dignity they deserve.

“The workers at Highline Mushrooms have made a clear and resounding statement – migrant food workers are essential workers, and they deserve fair treatment,” says Patrick Johnson, President of UFCW 1518. “We are proud to welcome these new members to the UFCW 1518 family, and our union is ready to stand by them as they secure the rights and respect that all workers deserve.“

These workers aren’t just setting a standard for agricultural workers across British Columbia; they serve as an inspiration for agricultural workers worldwide, who are indispensable to the global food industry and work tirelessly to ensure we have food on our tables.

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