Sobeys Tentative agreement FAQ

Here are the latest answers to the most frequent questions we have been receiving. 

Tentative Agreement FAQ

Click here to read the full tentative agreement.

You can also read the summary of the tentative agreement in Punjabi here and Farsi here.

Two (2) Bargaining Surveys

More than 1,000 members filled out two comprehensive surveys on monetary and non-monetary bargaining priorities

Focus Groups

Members had opportunities to join focus groups and share their experiences, highlight issues in their units, and outline their expectations for bargaining.

Retail Conference

More than 200 members from across the retail sector met in November 2022 to learn about bargaining, share feedback, and bring their concerns forward.

Within three (3) months of ratification the employer will generate a list of 100 positions with a minimum of one (1) posting in each store.

You will become Grid A and be red circled at your current rate of pay and receive 5% off scale increase retroactive to April 1, 2023. You will continue working your hours, and will receive the following increases:

  • June 2, 2024: 3%
  • June 1, 2025: 2%
  • June 7, 2026: 2%

Any Grid A member that did not meet the 1,700 hours test for any year will essentially have those years bridged (or removed) for the purposes of vacation entitlement.  These additional years will be scheduled as unpaid in the 2025 vacation year and paid beginning the 2027 vacation year.

A Starbucks Operator will receive the 5% off-scale increase and be placed on Step 9 of the New Grid B wage scale. They will continue working the hours required to qualify for the next highest rate on the Grid B Scale

Pharmacy FAQ

Pharmacy Assistants hired prior to ratification earning over $19 per hour, will receive a $2 per hour off-scale increase, effective Sunday from ratification, and will move to the next highest rate on the new wage scale after working 1,040 hours.

Pharmacy Assistants will receive a $2 off-scale increase effective the Sunday after ratification, and will receive the following off-scale increases:

  • June 2, 2024: $0.90
  • June 1, 2025: $0.85
  • June 7, 2026: $0.60

Voting FAQ

The tentative agreement vote will run from Wednesday, October 18 @ 9 am–Friday, October 20 @ 3 pm.

All eligible members will receive their voting credentials to their email address. If UFCW 1518 does not have your email address on file, you can request your credentials by contacting or calling 1.800.661.3708. Make sure to provide your full name, store number, employee ID, email address and cell number. 

Reception will give out voting credentials until 1 pm on Friday, October 20.