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Browse our organizing HOW-TOs, fun fact sheets, and union guides to learn how to get the most out of your job. Whether you’re already a UFCW 1518 member or a British Columbian seeking to improve your working conditions and communities, you’re sure to find these resources helpful.

Our members know that unions work better when more of us are involved. Staff have something that bosses do not  strength in numbers. And we want to show all working people, whether they’re unionized or not, how to tap into that power, so they can build fairer, more respectful workplaces.

What kinds of “free lunches” is your boss feeding you. Perks or provisional solutions are things employers often use to dissuade workers from unionizing. Read and share the infographic below. Don’t be surprised if you hear some of these lines when you try to organize.

Don’t forget! The Canada Labour Relations Code ensures you have the following legal rights: