Your Health and Safety Rights in the Workplace

Workers have several important rights when it comes to health and safety in the workplace.

You have:

The right to know

You have the right to know about workplace hazards.

Your employer must provide you with:

  • All relevant health and safety information.
  • Procedures to preserve health and safety.
  • Supervisors with the necessary support and training to carry out health and safety responsibilities.
The right to participate

You have the right to participate in health and safety activities in the workplace.

You may be able to participate by being a health and safety representative or committee member.

You have the right to report unsafe conditions and practices.

You have the right to participate in inspections and incident investigations that follow from your report.

The right to refuse unsafe work

You have the right to refuse work that you believe could be hazardous to yourself or a coworker.

Learn more about the correct procedure for refusing unsafe work

The right to no retaliation or discrimination

The employer cannot penalize you for raising a health and safety issue or for exercising your health and safety rights.

You cannot be disciplined or fired for reporting an occupational health and safety concern. Discipline can consist of intimidation and coercion, loss of promotion opportunities, being suspended or terminated, loss or reduction in wages, or loss or changes in working hours or duties.

If you have questions or concerns about health and safety in your workplace, don’t hesitate to reach out to your union. You can ask specific COVID-19 related health and safety questions at

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