UFCW International Convention election results!

Members voted to send 21 delegates to the UFCW International Convention, including Secretary-Treasurer Kim Novak, who will attend along with President Ivan Limpright. Just under 18,000 members were eligible to vote, and ballots were mailed out late last year, with the election concluding on Tuesday. There were 49 nominees from the membership – a record for the union.

“As a democratic, member-led union, it’s important that we practice democracy, not merely preach it. Elections such as this one, as well as high member engagement in the process, help us live up to our ideals,” said Kim Balmer, chair of the election committee.

Rank and file delegates, along with union leadership, will represent UFCW 1518’s interest at the international convention, the highest decision making body of the union. “It’s the ultimate level of power and democracy in our union. Our delegates will be their ensuring that 1518’s voice is heard,” Balmer added.

President Limpright extended his congratulations to the following successful candidates, who will attend the UFCW International Convention from April 23-27 in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Kathleen Adams, Catherine Boucher, Ashley Campbell, Toni Caruso, Michelle Fedosoff, James (Jimbo) Grant, David Gutierrez, Rhonda Hubbard, Tina Jameson, Danette Lankmayr, Pamela Leroy, Jamie Moffatt, Dayna Nicoll, Ken Pederson, Matt Rose, Eleanor Smith, Samantha Stewart, Troy Thibault, Jennifer Vecchio and Diana Zuniga.

Alternates: Alfred Norrish, Kamal Sudha, Linda Wilson