UFCW 1518 Launches New Tool for Reporting Unsafe Work

#BossesUnmasked allows all BC workers to anonymously share experiences

Throughout the pandemic, UFCW 1518 has armed working people with the information and tools they need to protect themselves, their coworkers and their communities. Today that work continues.

Masks are a proven, effective protection against COVID-19, which is why they continue to be mandatory in indoor public spaces. But some employers are not enforcing mandatory masking. This puts all frontline staff and our communities at risk.

Many workers are reporting situations where they’ve had to serve unmasked members of the public. In some cases, these situations have escalated to harassment.

Despite the public health measures, some employers are still failing to enforce safe working conditions. That is why UFCW 1518 is launching the #BossesUnmasked Campaign. The campaign asks all workers to anonymously submit their experiences dealing with unmasked members of the public. Workers can also submit other health & safety violations.

Click here to anonymously report a health & safety violation.

Everyone has the right to raise health & safety concerns with their employers and to refuse unsafe work without reprisal. However, not all workers will feel comfortable going directly to their managers. Workers who do not have the protection of a union tend to be reluctant to raise health & safety issues with their managers. Anonymous submissions give everyone an equal chance to add their voice to the growing uproar over unsafe working conditions, so we can work together to solve this problem.

To file an anonymous health & safety report, go to https://ufcw1518.typeform.com/to/fiMYdRy