Two UFCW scholarships pave the way to medical school

Mark McDonagh is a longtime union member, having worked for 33 years at the Save-On-Foods in Brooks Landing. He’s also the proud father of Erin McDonagh, recent winner of two UFCW education scholarships: the prestigious UFCW Charity Foundation Scholarship and the UFCW 1518/Save-On-Foods Joint Diversity Scholarship.

Mark learned about the scholarships the old fashioned way – through posters on the union board at work – and encouraged Erin to apply. “I was thrilled to learn my daughter was one of the recipients,” he says. “It’s fantastic to see that the company and union I work for are making these opportunities available for people, that we can get education so that we can fight back.”

The UFCW Charity Foundation Scholarship is open to all UFCW members and their dependents and is awarded on the basis of scholastic achievement, community involvement and an essay. The UFCW 1518/Save-On-Foods Joint Diversity Scholarship recognizes applicants who promote diversity awareness and acceptance in their community.

Erin is currently completing an honours program in neurobiology at the University of Victoria, with plans to attend medical school next year. She’s grateful for the recognition and for a lifetime with the union behind her. “These awards have meant everything for me. They have changed my life” she explains. “Not only for financial reasons, but receiving this recognition from my dad’s union speaks to how important the union has been in my life. Because my dad had a union job I never had to move around. We always had the security that he could provide for us. Receiving these awards is the next level of security this union has provided to me. I feel confident for my future and what’s to come.”

Adds Mark: “A recognition like this has given my daughter the confidence and validation that what she is doing is right. It’s great for your kids to know their hard work pays off.”

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