Safe spaces for people leaving domestic abuse and violence during COVID-19

In response to the rise of domestic violence against women, children, and non-binary people during COVID-19, the provincial government is providing additional safe spaces across the province for people who are leaving unstable homes.

On Wednesday, Parliamentary Secretary for Gender Equity Mitzi Dean announced that the province had created these additional spaces for people leaving violent or unstable home situations. MLA Dean also promised the government would be creating more spaces in the coming months and pointed to over 100 transition houses and safe homes that people in unsafe home situations could turn to for help.

“Domestic and sexual abuse is not a private matter to be kept behind closed doors,” stated MLA Dean. “Violence should never be tolerated – not during this pandemic and not ever. It’s wrong, and we will be there for people who need our help and a safe place to go, day or night.”

If you or someone you know is experiencing violence or abuse, please contact VictimLinkBC at 1.800.563.0808 or by email at

VictimLinkBC is available 24/7 in multiple languages to connect women, children, and non-binary people with available supports.

If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1.

Information on safe homes is also available on the BC Housing website

The following excellent resources are also available for anyone who is experiencing domestic violence and needs help: