Mail in your ballots today!

Voting is now open for the election of UFCW 1518 Executive Vice Presidents. President Kim Novak and Secretary-Treasurer Patrick Johnson were elected by acclamation last month after nominations closed. Five of the 25 Vice President positions were contested and a mail-in secret ballot vote is now being conducted.

The following members are running in the election:

Vice President #4    Laura Cioplato, Yvette Oleson

Vice President #7    Virgilio Encarnacio, Lisa Leckie

Vice President #11   Danette Lankmayr, Rajiv Mehra

Vice President #20  David Diamond, Alouette Gosal

Vice President #25   Linda Wilson, Michelle Fedosoff

Ballots were mailed to members last week and will arrive via Canada Post this week. President Novak encouraged all members to fill in their ballots and return them in the postage paid envelopes provided. “It is imperative that our members exercise their right to vote in order to fulfill our commitment to being a democratic, member-led union. Casting your ballot and electing your leaders is an important way that members can have a say in the direction of the organization,” she said. “So I urge everyone send back their ballots!

Ballots must be received at Canada Post in Burnaby by noon on August 26 in order to be counted. Questions about the election process can be directed to Pablo Godoy, the election chairperson, at