Last day of voting on Special Officer report

Voting on the recommendations handed down by Special Officer Vince Ready in the ongoing dispute between UFCW 1518 and Sobeys continues until 7:30pm today.

Polling stations opened Monday and Safeway members across the province had the opportunity to review the recommendations and ask questions of the Safeway bargaining committee, union representatives and leadership before casting their vote.

The recommendations, which deal with the UFCW 1518’s right of first refusal grievance regarding the closure of 10 Safeway stores, negotiations for the reopener of the collective agreement, and talks for a new FreshCo agreement have alarmed the union. “The recommendations are unacceptable,” President Ivan Limpright stated unequivocally. “We anticipate our members are going to come out and give our committee a strong mandate to reject these recommendations.”

President Limpright urged Safeway members to vote in full force today, the last day of voting in locations outside of the lower mainland. “Our Safeway members built that company and they deserve respect, not poverty concessions.”

Click here for today’s voting dates, times and locations outside of the lower mainland. Safeway members can vote at any location, as long as they have their union card or photo identification.

Results will be published at the conclusion of the ballot count tonight, as well as emailed to members.