July is Education Month!

UFCW 1518 is excited to announce that July will be Education Month! For the first time in our union’s history, all of our courses are being offered online so members can take part from the comfort of their homes.

Education Month is a new opportunity for all members from across the province to join a variety of union courses. We’ve designed several new courses so members can build skills, learn how to make improvements at their workplaces, get involved, get inspired, and meet new people.

UFCW 1518 members at every stage of their career can benefit from participating in Education Month. There are foundational courses for new members and people who have recently become Shop Stewards and Health and Safety Committee Members. Members who have taken our courses in the past, and who qualify, can move on to advanced coursework and level-up their skills. This year, we have added development courses that are open to all members on a variety of important topics and short “Power Hour” classes for members looking to expedite their learning.

We want everyone to have the chance to participate in the courses that are relevant to them, so some courses will require an application process. We will also be capping registration on some courses so that we can make them as interactive as possible and enhance your learning experience. For courses requiring an application, the deadline to apply is Sunday, June 14. For all other courses, registration closes on Tuesday, June 30. If you’re interested in a course, don’t wait to register or apply – once they fill up they close!

Visit our *NEW* Education Portal

Here are some courses you won’t want to miss:

Member Orientation

Learn about the benefits of your union membership!

This one and a half hour workshop is an opportunity to learn more about being a UFCW 1518 member, your rights under the collective agreement, and what we do with your dues. Members who have never attended a Member Orientation will receive a $50 reimbursement of their union initiation fee! Join this class to meet other union activists and get inspired by the movement you’re now a part of.

Mental Health At Work Bootcamp

Work stress? We can help

Work can sometimes take a toll on our lives and minds. With the right tools and resources, things can get better. In this bootcamp, we will explore strategies and resources to address work stress and other mental health concerns arising on the job. We will also go over your rights at work when it comes to your mental health and what your employer’s responsibilities are to ensure not only your physical safety but also your mental well-being.

Organizing 101

Union members are the best organizers

Organizing new members is a key way that our union builds worker power across industries. Learn about why we organize and how you can become an organizer yourself. In this exciting hands-on bootcamp, you will learn about the process of bringing new members into our union, the fundamentals of an organizing campaign, and what you can do to mobilize others to bring positive change to their workplaces by joining a union.

These are just a few of the exciting course offerings available on our new Education Portal, where you can find more information on UFCW 1518 education and how to participate.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn new skills, get to know your fellow UFCW 1518 members, and help fight for fairness for all workers!