UFCW International Convention focuses on unity

Twenty one delegates from UFCW 1518 join President Ivan Limpright at UFCW’s 8th International Convention this week in Las Vegas. Held every five years, the International Convention is the highest decision making body of the union, which consists of more than 1000 UFCW locals from across North America.

“As a union that values democracy, it is essential that we come together to discuss the issues facing our members and vote on the resolutions that will set the course for the next five years,” said President Limpright. “In this age of global corporate power, we can’t overestimate the value of solidarity across borders when it comes to protecting workers’ rights and the environment.”

More than 2,500 UFCW activists, including 350 members from the UFCW Canada caucus, joined together for the opening day today. “We have an important task before us,” President Limpright continued. “We will be laying out the future for this continent’s most progressive union, guided by the ideals of unity, family, community, and worth.”

Resolutions before convention touch on a variety of issues, including those that make up the union’s social justice mandate, such as fighting against domestic violence, advocating for immigrant workers’ rights and promoting worker self-determination. Rank and file delegates elected from the UFCW 1518’s membership along with the leadership will represent the local’s interests and ensure the members’ collective voice is heard.

Each day of the conference is dedicated to one of the four main ideals. Unity, the theme of the first day, stems from the conviction that no one should have to struggle alone. “As a local we are 22,000 members strong,” President Limpright added. “But when 1.3 million members of UFCW stand together, we have the power to create a better, more just work place. Anything is possible.”