Safeway members vote 99% NO to reject Special Officer recommendations

Safeway members have voted 99 percent against recommendations made by Special Officer Vince Ready in the ongoing dispute between UFCW 1518 and Sobeys. The union held a province-wide vote this week after Mr. Ready tabled a report that alarmed leadership and the bargaining committee, composed of rank and file members.

“Our Safeway members have given a very strong mandate to our committee that these recommendations are unacceptable,” said President Ivan Limpright. “A very clear and unequivocal rejection of these recommendations is what we need Sobeys to see. Our membership is strong in their conviction. They don’t deserve to have their hard fought and bargained wages and benefits slashed because of Sobeys mismanagement in British Columbia.”

The union’s bargaining committee will be reconvening next week.

“We would hope that this strong response from our members will get Sobeys, with assistance from the Special Officer back to the table to negotiate a fair and reasonable collective agreement, and that Sobeys will finally provide the disclosure of their plans and financials to our committee,” added Limpright.