Workers at Earnest Ice Cream Scoop Up Major Contract Wins

Agreement Ratified at Earnest Ice Cream

Last year, workers at Earnest Ice Cream’s Quebec St. and Fraser St. locations took their workplace into their own hands by organizing under UFCW 1518. Their ambition was clear: to ensure job security, fair compensation, and recognition for the vital role they play in the company’s success.

Since joining the union, they have been hard at work fighting for fairness at the bargaining table. Now, just six months later, these workers have negotiated a monumental first agreement, securing key wins for Earnest Ice Cream members and setting a new standard for their workplace.

Key highlights from the newly ratified contract include:

Wage increases that will provide all employees with a significant increase, including an early onset of the provincial minimum wage increase upon ratification

Minimum wage plus—a wage schedule that accounts for minimum wage increases  

Workers retain their tips—a vital source of income for members

Benefit qualification criteria improvements—reducing the qualifier so more workers can access benefits

Seniority accruement—respect for the loyalty of longtime employees

Grievance and arbitration procedure—ensuring workers are never left without supports

This landmark first agreement represents a significant milestone not only for workers at Earnest Ice Cream’s Quebec St. and Fraser St. locations, but also sets a precedent for workers across the industry. 

By securing significant improvements in their working conditions, the agreement demonstrates the impact that workers can have when they are united in the fight for fairness.

UFCW 1518 comprises tens of thousands of workers in BC’s retail sector. Staff at Earnest Ice Cream, Matchstick Coffee, Cartems Donuts and more are fighting to improve working conditions in BC’s retail industry. Want to learn more about how you can join a union, check out