Workers at Avalon Dairy Win Major Contract Improvements

Ninety percent of voting workers at Avalon Dairy voted “yes” to a new contract that will bring major improvements to their workplace.

Avalon Dairy workers became members of UFCW 1518 in March 2021 and began the process of negotiating their first collective agreement shortly after. They came together to seek major workplace improvements and wage increases that will make a big difference in the lives of members. 

Contract Highlights

With today’s “yes” vote, Avalon workers have won:

  • Union representation, including a procedure for grievances so workplace problems can be resolved.
  • New health & safety provisions including a Joint Health & Safety Committee.
  • Respectful workplace language that ensures workers are treated with respect.
  • Seniority and hiring and promotion provisions to make the workplace more fair.
  • An increase in the safety boot allowance to $150.00 per year.
  • Vision care coverage of $200.00 every twenty-four months.
  • Sick days increased to three days a year. Additionally, workers can carry unused sick days over for one year.
  • Major wage growth on the following schedule:
  • First year: A new wage classification system that will result in a minimum of a 2% wage increase. However, most members will see a significantly higher increase
  • Second year: 2% wages increase
  • Third year: 2.25% wage increase

“Workers at Avalon have proved the power of collective action with this strong new contract,” said UFCW 1518 President Kim Novak. “Their solidarity is an inspiration to workers throughout the industrial food sector to stand up for better working conditions and wages.”

For more info on the Avalon Dairy contract improvements, read the full collective bargaining agreement. Workers can also speak to their shop stewards or union representative to learn more about the contract.

Avalon Dairy workers are the latest to join the industrial food division of UFCW 1518. If you want to join a union and fight for better wages and working conditions, learn more at