Wage Increases and Contract Improvements for Workers at NPF Comox

UFCW 1518 members at Non-Public Fund Employees Comox (NPF Comox) voted in favour of a new contract featuring wage increases, flexible work week schedule, and new leave of absence.

Blair Grinde, a member of the UFCW 1518 bargaining committee, worked closely with coworkers and union negotiators to craft a robust new collective bargaining agreement that tackles a number of workplace concerns. The new NPF Comox contract will raise wages for all members and provide more improvements to workers.

Some of the highlights of the new agreement include:

  1. 7% wage increase over 4 years
  2. Changes to overtime pay for a compressed workweek
  3. Flexible workweek schedule where applicable
  4. Added online job postings
  5. Added a 12th statutory holiday (September 30 for National Truth and Reconciliation Day)
  6. Maternity Leave Of Absence allowance (not indebted) if worker’s spouse is transferred to another location
  7. New Domestic Violence Leave Of Absence

The contract is being finalized by the employer and union negotiators, and when it is finished, it will be shared with NPF Comox members. Members will also be able to find a copy of their contract at memberresourcecentre.com.

Congratulations to the members at NPF Comox on your new contract!

At ufcw1518.com/join-us, non-unionized workers can learn more about the advantages of being a part of a union.