Workers Improve Bag Check Policy at Sephora

New Policy Implemented Nationwide

Thanks to workers at the only unionized Sephora in North America, the company has announced that it is adopting a new, more worker-friendly, nationwide bag-check policy, replacing their notoriously unpopular practice that many Sephora workers have spoken out against.

After every shift, Sephora workers are required to go through a bag check before they leave the store. The new policy states that the employer must pay them for the entire time it takes management to check their bags, including wait times. The policy change comes after workers at the Kamloops store spoke out with their union, UFCW 1518, and asked for paid bag checks during negotiations with Sephora. Tomorrow (Feb. 9) the new policy kicks in at the Kamloops location.

“We’re very proud of our members for voicing their concern,” says UFCW 1518 President Kim Novak, “As their union, we’ve heard from our members of situations where they were waiting up to 30 minutes for a bag check after they had clocked out. They weren’t getting paid for this time, even though they were still on the employer’s watch. It was unfair, and we’re glad to see that Sephora is taking steps to build a more respectful workplace.”

Employees at the Kamloops Sephora unionized with UFCW 1518 back in the summer of 2022. They entered bargaining to secure their first collective agreement shortly after joining the union and are still in negotiations.

“We have no doubt that the improved bag check policy is the result of our members unionizing and raising their voices,” says Novak, who adds that this win has been a real morale boost for the members, who are fighting hard to win more respect, equity and better compensation at the bargaining table.

“Our goal is to reach a great contract, but the beauty of joining a union is that your power doesn’t end at the bargaining table, and our Sephora members proved that,” Novak explains. ” Unpaid bag checks are a big point of contention at lots of Sephora stores. Now, because our members pushed back, there’s a new policy that will benefit Sephora employees everywhere in Canada, not just Kamloops. It’s amazing!”

UFCW 1518 represents thousands of workers in BC’s retail sector. If you are a retail worker that is not being paid for bag checks, reach out to the union at


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