Union submits written position on outstanding issues in Section 106 proceedings

Section 106 proceedings between UFCW 1518 and Sobeys continue, headed by Special Officer Vince Ready.

It is evident to Special Officer Ready that the parties have reached a deadlock, with the employer continuing to demand poverty concessions and the bargaining committee rejecting all concessionary demands.

That’s why the Special Officer requested written submissions on outstanding issues from both union and company. For UFCW 1518, this includes the union’s right of first refusal grievance related to the 10 Safeway store closures, the reopener of the collective agreement and Sobeys’ desire for a new banner (FreshCo).

The union submitted its position along with a rationale. Sobeys will respond to Special Officer Ready by July 13. The bargaining committee will review the company’s response and submit the union’s rebuttal by July 20. The Special Officer will then consider all of the submissions and alert the parties of next steps. No future meeting dates have yet been scheduled.

“The bargaining committee has been working tirelessly to stand up for our Sobeys members and fight for a fair  contract with improvements to job security, wages and benefits. They’re also working to ensure members can capture more hours and move up the wage scale faster,” said President Ivan Limpright. “And this is in the face of Sobeys’ relentless concessionary demands. No doubt about it, it’s a battle.”