Special Officer delivers recommendations

Special Officer Vince Ready has submitted his non-binding recommendations to the union as part of the Section 106 proceedings that have been ongoing since negotiations for the reopener of the collective agreement with Sobeys faltered in March.

The provincial government appointed Mr. Ready as Special Officer after President Ivan Limpright appealed to Labour Minister Harry Bains for assistance. Las month, Special Officer Ready asked both union and employer to provide written submissions on the outstanding issues.

For UFCW 1518, those issues are its right of first refusal grievance stemming from the closure of 10 Safeway stores, Sobeys’ desire to open stores under its FreshCo banner with a discount collective agreement, and the company’s refusal to budge from its demand for poverty concessions in bargaining.

“I have received the recommendations and have reconvened the bargaining committee,” said President Ivan Limpright. “We’ll meet next week to carefully review the recommendations and seek advice from our legal counsel before deciding on next steps.”