SOF reopener ratified in province-wide vote

Voting on the Save-On-Foods final settlement agreement concluded today, and was ratified by 83 percent. The new terms will be in effect as of Sunday, June 10, 2018.

The vote was held in 45 locations across BC throughout the week. Bargaining committee members, staff and leadership were at polling locations to explain the agreement and answer questions. “We want to thank all of the members who came out to vote over the last five days across the province,” said Secretary Treasurer Kim Novak.

The new agreement for the reopener significantly strengthened Quarterly Review language by limiting the number of existing stores that can be put under review to a maximum of five existing stores in 2020, 2021 and 2022 with no existing stores being placed under Quarterly Review in 2018 or 2019. This means long term job security improvements, in addition to maintaining wages and benefits for members, while also making financial improvements.

Other important gains include:

  • 17 stores REMOVED from Quarterly Review and returned to full terms of the collective agreement, including stores that have had an ATO and wage freeze
  • Combination of lump sum payments and off-scale wage increases for top rate Grid A and non-Grid A employees
    Vacation bridging for Grid A employees who have had breaks in service for years where such employees dropped below 1450 hours worked
  • All non-Grid A employees to move to ONE wage scale with an improved top rate and ALL non-Grid A employees receive a wage increase Sunday after ratification
  • Sick time for non-Grid A employees
  • Short term disability plan & reduction in qualification time for the Employee Benefit Plan
  • Domestic Violence Leave of Absence, including a paid day component
  • Salaried Key Personnel will be paid out hours worked above 40 hours per week if they are NOT provided the lieu time within the month
  • Restrictions on future acquisitions of convenience stores and drug stores that are non-union to under 5,000square feet. Any increase to square footage, new stores that open and any acquisition store that falls under theSave-On-Foods or any Overwaitea Food Group banner will fall under the applicable contract
  • Increased opportunity to move between stores – more job postings will be available to all employees (including
    Key Personnel) and will be awarded by seniority
  • Closer to Home transfer opportunities monthly (vs. once per year)
  • New pilot project to allow Pharmacy Assistants to maximize hours by working in other stores, while performing
    pharmacy work
  • Restrictions on vendor stocking that include language protecting existing employee hours, strictly limiting the
    number of vendors, and limiting the scope of work that can be performed
  • Opportunity to select vacation during the blackout week where Christmas Day falls