Sobeys Bargaining Update: Back to the Bargaining Table

Today, UFCW 1518 returned to the bargaining table with Sobeys with the membership’s 98% strike vote in hand. The Bargaining Committee entered the negotiations with confidence, ready to fight for the improvements that Sobeys members need to see in their next contract.

The strong strike vote has clearly had an impact on Sobeys, who did come back to the table with an improved offer. 

However, even with some moves in the right direction, the two sides are still far apart. The revised offer is not one the Sobeys Bargaining Committee is willing to recommend to members. They are preparing a counter and response back to the employer.

UFCW 1518 is committed to using the days ahead to reach an agreement with Sobeys, but will also prepare to take job action in the event talks come to a halt, or Sobeys is not willing to make the moves the committee needs to see to bring back a recommended agreement to the membership. 

That is why, while we continue to bargain, UFCW 1518 staff are also preparing for a dispute. We have begun preparation for Picket line Captain recruitment and training. If you are interested in stepping up, we would encourage you to register to become a Picket Captain, which you can do by signing up for the Contract Support Team

Negotiations are scheduled to continue every day for the next 8 days with Sobeys. As long as the momentum continues and the union continues to see moves from the employer, our committee is committed to working hard to reach a deal. We will provide members with another update on Friday evening once negotiations conclude for the day.

As always, members with questions can reach out at

In solidarity,

Angela Crosato, Sobeys 4908, Vancouver
Peter Dombrowski, Sobeys 4920, Surrey
Teresa-Lyne Dziedzic, Sobeys 4920, Surrey
Armin Reyes, Sobeys 4996 Reline Crew
Marlene White, Sobeys 4977, Coquitlam
Shiela Scarr, Sobeys 4912, Langley
Jennifer Brown, Sobeys 4966, Vancouver
Leslie Ramsperger, Sobeys 4911, Burnaby

& UFCW 1518 Staff Negotiators:
Stephen Portman and Ronda Melbourne