Sobeys Bargaining Update June 21

Your Bargaining Committee met with Sobeys on June 19 and 20 and had expected a substantial improvement from the company’s first wage offer. Unfortunately, that is not what happened. While we had hoped we could report that significant progress was made toward reaching a settlement, the Employer returned to the bargaining table this week with minimal change. Their offer is nowhere close to a fair deal and is not one that we, as your committee, can recommend.

In response, the union tabled a response to the Employer that includes our members’ top priorities: wage increases for top-rate employees, a shorter wage scale, a pathway to full-time positions, access to more hours for all employees, and a short-term contract. We have asked the employer to advise when we can expect a meaningful response to our position—an offer that recognizes the hard work and dedication of our members at Sobeys.

The time has come for us to provide Sobeys members with a full update on where we are at in bargaining. We will be calling our Advisory Committee together, then we will hold a Telephone Townhall for ALL Sobeys members. You will be able to ask all of your questions about bargaining and our next steps.

Sobeys Telephone Townhall, July 5 @ 7 pm PDT

To join, simply answer your phone. We’ll call you!

We will send more information on this special townhall closer to the event

Your Bargaining Committee will be out in stores over the coming weeks engaging with members to provide direct updates and to hear your feedback.

We look forward to speaking with you at the townhall and will continue to provide updates as we progress.

In solidarity,

Angela Crosato, Sobeys 4908, Vancouver
Peter Dombrowski, Sobeys 4920, Surrey
Teresa-Lyne Dziedzic, Sobeys 4920, Surrey
Armin Reyes, Sobeys 4996 Reline Crew
Matt Rose, Sobeys 4974, Cranbrook
Marlene White, Sobeys 4977, Coquitlam
Shiela Scarr, Sobeys 4912, Langley
Jennifer Brown, Sobeys 4966, Vancouver

& UFCW 1518 Staff Negotiators:
Stephen Portman and Ronda Melbourne