Sobeys Bargaining Update

Meet Your UFCW 1518 Bargaining Committee

On March 31 your collective agreement with Sobeys expires, which means that you and your coworkers have the chance to push for improvements to your working conditions. On January 24, you will send your bargaining committee to the negotiations table to start this process.

Please help us in welcoming your bargaining committee! On the team, we have:

Angela Crosato – Cashier – Lower Mainland – Grid A
Peter Dimond – General Clerk – Grid B – Prince Rupert/North 
Peter Dombrowski – General Clerk – Fraser Valley – Grid A 
Teresa-lyne Dziedzic – Pharmacy Assistant – Lower Mainland
Bob Milan – General Clerk – Kelowna/Interior – Grid A 
Armin Reyes – Reline Crew – Provincial Wide – Grid A
Matt Rose – Baker – Kootenays – Grid A 
Shiela Scarr – Cashier – Grid B – Cashier  
Marlene White – All Purpose Clerk – Lower Mainland – Grid B 

Their job is to take the responses that you provided in your monetary and non-monetary bargaining surveys and craft them into proposals for a new agreement. As your co-workers, these members will rely on you throughout bargaining as the people they’re representing! They cannot do this alone. They need your support and your input so they can best represent you in negotiations.

All of our committee members are Sobeys employees just like you, so they bring a wealth of frontline experience. They come from all over the province and can speak to a wide range of store-and-region-specific issues. Combined with the expertise of your staff negotiators Stephen Portman and Ronda Melbourne, they’re poised to push for an agreement that advances everyone’s well-being.

Your committee will also be assisted by UFCW 1518 Managing Director Brad Bastien, as well as Secretary-Treasurer Patrick Johnson and me. 

Stay tuned to your emails and please do not hesitate to reach out to your bargaining team at any point during negotiations.

In solidarity,

Kim Novak
President, UFCW 1518