Mid-Island Co-op Members Win Significant Contract Improvements

Mid-Island Co-op workers in Nanaimo, British Columbia, just finished bargaining for a new collective agreement. They ratified the new contract with a 100% unanimous vote.

The bargaining committee, made up of Stefanie Droog and recently retired Karen Becia, performed an outstanding job and worked tirelessly to ensure that members received the improvements and raises they deserve.

Numerous changes were made to the new contract, including the following:

  • 2.25% wage increase in year 1 of the agreement (8% total)
  • Retroactive wages paid to the expiry of the previous agreement
  • $750 signing bonus
  • First-ever Joint Labour Management Committee
  • No concessions

UFCW 1518 is now completing a copy of the new agreement, which will be distributed to Mid-Island Co-op members as soon as it is ready. Congratulations on your new contract, Mid-Island Co-op members!

For a summary of the new agreement, click here. To find out how to join a union and fight for improved working conditions, visit ufcw1518.com/join-us.