Find out how the PriceSmart Tentative Agreement will benefit you了解 PriceSmart 暂定协议将如何使你受益了解 PriceSmart 暫定協議將如何使你受益

This calculator gives you an estimate of how your job will be affected if the new agreement is ratified. It's only an estimate - you should read the full contract to understand all its terms.这个计算器可以估计如果新协议获得批准, 你的工资将受到怎样的影响。这只是一个估计 - 你应该阅读完整的合同以了解其所有条款。這個計算機可以估計如果新協議獲得批准, 你的工資將受到怎樣的影響。這只是一個估計 - 你應該閱讀完整的合同以了解其所有條款。

Wage Scale工资表工資表

Please note: Steps on the wage scale are changing from every 520 hours to every 1040 hours. Workers will be moved across to the appropriate place on the new scale.请注意:工资表上的薪级阶梯从每 520 小时更改为每 1040 小时。员工将被调整至新的薪级表上的适当位置。請注意:工資表上的薪級梯級從每 520 小時更改為每 1040 小時。員工將被調整至新的薪級表上的適當位置。

Which of these positions do you hold?你担任以下哪个职位?你擔任以下哪個職位?

How many hours have you worked since starting in your job?



Under the new terms, you should now make $根据新的条款, 你每小时的工资为$根據新的條款, 你每小時的工資為$ per hour.That's an increase of $这意味着每小时增加$這意味著每小時增加$ per hour.

In addition, the night work premium of $2.00 for shifts that begin after 9pm will now apply to all workers.

此外, 晚上9点起班次的每小时$2.00夜班费现在将适用于所有员工。

此外, 晚上9點起班次的每小時$2.00夜班費現在將適用於所有員工。

These calculations are estimates based on the data you enter, and every employee's circumstances will vary. The calculations made here do not guarantee that they will apply to you. Please read the full terms of the tentative agreement to fully understand your rights. If you're not sure what the agreement will mean for you, please speak to a union rep.这些计算是基于你输入的数据进行的估算, 每个员工的情况都会有差异。这里作出的计算不一定适用于你。请阅读暂定协议的完整条款, 以全面了解你的权利。如果你对协议的影响仍不清楚, 请找工会代表讲解。這些計算是基於你輸入的數據進行的估算, 每個員工的情況都會有差異。這裡作出的計算不一定適用於你。請閱讀暫定協議的完整條款, 以全面了解你的權利。如果你對協議的影響仍不清楚, 請找工會代表講解