Find out how the Earnest Ice Cream Tentative Agreement will affect you

This calculator gives you an estimate of how your job will be affected if the new agreement is ratified. It's only an estimate - you should read the full contract to understand all its terms.

Wage Scale

How many hours have you worked since starting in your job?

Which of these positions do you hold?

Under the new contract, you should make at least $ per hour.

These rates are a minimum and may be increased at management discretion. Anyone on a higher hourly rate will not have their wages reduced.

Vacation Entitlement

For how long have you been in this job?

You should be entitled to weeks of vacation per year, and will earn % vacation pay (minimum $) for each hour worked.

These calculations are estimates based on the data you enter, and every employee's circumstances will vary. The calculations made here do not guarantee that they will apply to you. Please read the full terms of the tentative agreement to fully understand your rights. If you're not sure what the agreement will mean for you, please speak to a union rep.