Strike Prep 101


Here are answers questions we frequently hear from members about labour disputes.

A strike is when union members collectively withdraw their labour. Rather than going to work, union members will form a picket line outside of their workplace and refuse to return to their jobs until the employer puts forward a fair contract offer.

As workers, our labour is our power. An effective strike shows our power to the employer and puts pressure on them to negotiate fairly and meet our demands.

If a strike occurs, members of the bargaining unit and union staff would work together to establish a strike committee and set up a picketing schedule. You will be notified of the time that the strike begins and when and where to picket, including picket protocols. Members will be expected to participate in the strike through picketing and other supportive actions as needed.

Yes, UFCW 1518 members will receive picket pay in the event a strike, but you must show up to your picket shifts.

While there is a required minimum number of hours to receive picket pay, members are encouraged to contribute more hours on the picket line—at least the number of hours they would typically work.

You will receive your picket shift schedule from your picket captains.

We don’t know exactly how long a dispute could last—no one does.

Ultimately, bargaining ends with an agreement—one that both sides can ratify (that means the Employer and the Union members). A strike will ultimately end when both sides reach a tentative agreement that ratifies.

If strike action becomes necessary, your Union will use every tool in the toolbox to bring the full support of labour and the public to help you win a better deal. Your union has communications and organizing professionals that will craft an outreach and public communications strategy.  This strategy would include outreach to local labour groups, non-profit organizations, press releases and other similar tactics.

Speak to your Union Rep about ways to get involved, like becoming a Picket Captain. 

We will provide members with all of the information they well ahead of job action.

We will keep members updated via email and text.

Ensure that your contact info with us is up-to-date. You can update your info with union reps or members of the bargaining committee, or you can send your full name, workplace name and number, Employee ID, email address, and cell phone number to