Retail workers support their communities every day, helping them get the food, supplies, and medicine they need. 

It’s time to show them the respect they deserve.


I Respect Retail Workers

Every day, retail workers face abuse from the public. They pay the same prices we all pay for groceries, but they take the brunt of the blame for high prices and are often targets of poor behaviour from customers

Show your support for retail workers by ordering a Respect Retail Workers button. It’s free, and by wearing the button proudly, you’ll show that you support these dedicated and skilled workers.


Retail workers have been on the frontline of overlapping crises for three years now: first the COVID-19 pandemic, now sky-high inflation.

Throughout all of these difficult moments, they’ve kept their cool and done their jobs – keeping their communities fed and stocked up.

But it hasn’t been easy. Record numbers of UFCW 1518 members have endured terrible behaviour from the public. Getting yelled at. Being called names. Having no control over grocery prices – the same prices that they pay to feed their families – and getting abuse about it.

As these workers fight for better working conditions and better pay, they need your support more than ever. Sign up to receive a Respect Retail Workers button and wear it proudly. Thank a retail worker when you see them in the stores. Learn how you can talk back to rude and misinformed members of the public.

What Workers are saying

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UFCW 1518 members want the same thing as everyone. They want to be treated with respect when they interact with the public. They want to serve their communities and be able to pay their bills. Here’s how you can help them:

Stand up to Bad Behaviour

If you spot a customer being rude or abusive to a retail worker, let them know it isn’t the workers’ fault.

If necessary, seek out a manager or security personnel if you fear for the workers’ safety or your own safety.

Be Kind to Retail Workers

One grumpy or aggressive customer can really ruin a worker’s day. One nice customer can turn it around.

You can also show your support by ordering a Respect Retail Workers button.

Share and Spread the Word

Tell a worker that you respect retail workers, and then tell the world – follow the campaign on social media.

Stop the Spread of Disinformation

If you hear that higher wages drive up food prices, try saying:

“I don’t know that this is true. I’m making the same amount that I was yesterday working at a grocery store, but I’m paying more at the checkout, so that doesn’t add up.”

“If we get a raise, there’s a good chance workers in other sectors (like yours) will too. I want all of us to be able to pay our bills and buy groceries!”

“Perhaps inflation is tied to salary, but if it is, shouldn’t we be looking at the salaries, bonuses and profits of the people who take home the lion’s share?”

Be on Retail Workers' Side:

Show your support by wearing a Respect Retail Workers button.

Check-in with them if they have been treated poorly by other customers.

Thank them when you see them in stores!