Exposed to hazards?

You don't need to be

How you can report hazards in the workplace

If you see, smell, or have concerns that there are substances in use in homes that may impact your health—report your concerns.

If you have been injured or exposed to a chemical or a environmental contaminant, you should take the following steps:

  1. Seek first aid treatment immediately, if required
  2. Advise your supervisor/manager of the incident
  3. Call the Provincial Workplace Health Report Call Centre toll-free on 1-866-922-9464 and select Option 2 to initiate a Workplace Incident Report.

Once you have made your report, please call or email to alert Murray Austin, UFCW 1518 Director of Advocacy, at

If you have concerns about your safety at a job, notify a supervisor. You also have the right to refuse unsafe work.

Examples of chemical contaminants can include:

  • Excessive cigarette smoke
  • Regulated substances or paraphernalia
  • Marijuana smoke
  • Vape Smoke

Environmental contaminants can have many chemicals that can adversely affect your health. Do your part to keep your workplaces safe.