Fight for $15 (2)

Let’s fight for $15

The labour movement in BC is ready to win a $15 an hour minimum wage for workers. Many of our members are already struggling to pay rent, feed their families and pay their bills. Raising the minimum wage means more money in our members’ pockets and more leverage for even greater wage improvements at the bargaining table.

The question is, will the government move to implement the $15 an hour minimum wage quickly and properly? Or will pressure from industry lobbyists delay action until after the next election, when it may be too late?

Thankfully, UFCW 1518 President Ivan Limpright is the labour representative on the Fair Wages Commission, which is tasked with putting forward a plan to raise BC’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. He will ensure members’ and workers’ are fairly represented.

But we have a role to play too! We need to build worker power and pressure MLAs and key ministers to ensure they do the right thing. We need to raise our collective voice to tell our government that workers must be paid a living wage: $15 an hour is just the start!

Together we can show the BCNDP that workers are united in the Fight for $15. Together, we can use our collective power to lift everyone up. Will you join us?

Tell John Horgan and your MLA that British Columbians deserve a $15 an hour minimum wage NOW.