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Why Join UFCW 1518?

Cineplex workers deserve fairness at work through improved wages and benefits, job security and a strong voice at work. Joining UFCW 1518 puts the power of a union behind you, fighting for what you deserve. We will work together to create long-lasting improvements to your job, using the collective agreement to protect your rights and outline a process for ensuring you are treated with respect & dignity.

Unionized Workers
Non-Unionized Workers

You know when you will get a raise and how much it will be.

Raises are not predictable or guaranteed.

You have a legal contract that protects your wages, benefits and working conditions.

Your employer can make changes to wages, benefits or working conditions without your consent or input.

You can raise workplace concerns without fear for job security.

Speaking up can have consequences.

You and your co-workers have a say about your contract.

Management calls all the shots and makes all decisions.

You have the support of professional advocates and legal counsel.

You must plead your own case.

You have fairness and respect at work.

Respect depends on if you have a good manager.

You have security through a formal process to dispute unjust or arbitrary discipline.

You can be unfairly disciplined or fired, for any reason, at any time.

How do I Join UFCW 1518?

1. Union Support Cards
  • Working with staff from our union, you and the majority of your co-workers (45%) sign a support card indicating you would like the BC Labour Relations Board to hold a unionization vote at your workplace.
  • This process is confidential. Your employer will never have the right to know who did or did not sign. Your employer cannot legally take action against anyone for signing a card.
2. Secret Ballot Vote
  • When a majority of your co-workers have signed a union card, the BC Labour Relations Board will hold a secret ballot vote to form a union at your workplace.
  • Vote “Yes” to join the union.
3. Collective Agreement Proposals
  • You and your co-workers submit proposals as to what should be the new collective agreement in your workplace.
  • Your new contract will spell out wages, benefits, respect and job security.

Your Rights

The most important thing to know is that every British Columbian has the right to join a union.

The BC Labour Relations Code ensures you have the following legal rights.

  • You are free to decide to join or not join a union.
  • Your employer cannot fire you, suspend you, transfer you, lay you off, refuse to continue employing you or otherwise discriminate against you for being involved with the process of forming a union.
  • You are free to express your views on unionization without reprisal.


Don’t let the employer’s anti-union tactics get to you. You have questions, we have answers:

  • Why is this happening at Cineplex?
  • UFCW was contacted by some of your co-workers and asked to assist them to gain the power to negotiate long-lasting improvements to their jobs. This is achieved by becoming unionized.
  • What’s the purpose of joining a union? How do unions work?
  • Unions are about workers coming together to gain collective power! With the assistance of a union, workers bargain with employers and negotiate fair labour contracts and make sure those contracts are enforced.
  • Will my employer know if I signed a union membership card?
  • No, your employer will never see or find out who signed the cards, they wont even know how many were signed. The entire process is designed by the government to be anonymous.
  • Can I get fired for supporting a union?
  • No, this would be illegal. No one can be terminated or harassed for supporting a union. UFCW 1518 will not tolerate any employer violating workers’ rights will take legal action if needed.
  • I am happy with the way things are now. Why do I need a union?
  • Securing what you have today into a legally binding contract ensures that what you like about your job stays that way even if there is a change of management and even ownership. Belonging to a union also creates a support network: Stewards, union representatives, negotiators and lawyers will be there to ensure your fair treatment at work.
  • What positive changes can a union make to my job?
  • You and your co-workers decide on what changes your union will try to make, below are some of the things we are hearing from Cineplex workers:
    • A wage scale with increases based on time worked
    • Paid breaks
    • Premiums for closing
    • Staff discounts that can be used on days off
    • Health and Dental benefits
    • Representation when going into a meeting with management.
  • Will my tips be taxed as a result of unionizing?
  • There is no connection between the union and whether or not your tips are taxed.
  • How much does this cost?
  • There is no cost to join until your first collective agreement is voted in. Once you start benefiting from it, your dues will be no more than 2% of your earnings. Union dues are 100% tax deductible. The higher wages, rights and benefits that come with unionization are well worth the small cost associated with participating!
  • I signed a union membership card, am I unionized now?
  • No, we still need to win the secret ballot vote for that to happen. It is important that you show up and vote YES for your union to be formed.
  • Will unionizing ruin the dynamics between employees and managers?
  • Workers are not doing anything wrong by unionizing, and if your managers actually respect employees and their rights, then they should not care if employees decide to unionize.
  • A union will provide workers with the ability to bargain collectively with your employer for the first time, as equals.
  • Can joining a union help cast members with schedules issues, like clopen’s?
  • All of your working conditions, including scheduling, is up for negotiations once unionized. We can try to prevent having to work opening shifts after you close the previous night (clopen’s). We could also try to get a premium when it does happen, or anything else employees would like to happen.

Contact Us in Confidence

Any information you share with us is kept 100% confidential.
Your employer will never know that you contacted our union.

More questions? Concerns? Get in touch with our professional union organizers today at or call 1-888-581-1518.

Ready for positive change at work?