Budtender Basics: how the cannabis industry can be fairer

The cannabis industry is still young in BC, and it can be hard to know what to expect when you start work as a budtender. The BC Budtenders Union has represented hard working budtenders in private cannabis retail since 2020, and we’ve asked them for the standards you should look out for when finding a cannabis retail job.

Protected Hours & Minimum Shift Lengths

Scheduling problems are common in the cannabis sector. Workers often get called off if they are a swing shift or cut short when slow. Check if your contract includes hours protection language or minimum guaranteed shift lengths.

Zero Tolerance for Harassment

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect at work. As part of the BC Bud Union, you'll have an organization on your side - and we can fight to write protection from harassment into your contract.

Call-in Premiums

Last minute call-ins eat into your already-limited free time - when you're called to cover a shift, you should be paid for the short notice. The less notice, the higher the premium.

Enable Tips for Budtenders

Budtenders do a skilled job and customers value their expertise and advice. Enabling tips at the point of sale costs retailers nothing, but can raise budtender wages by $3-7 per hour. We're already campaigning to tell the industry to enable tips - add your name to our petition today.

Decent Sick Days

Sickness is a risk to staff and customers, but good sick day coverage is rare in retail, where it's offered at all. Paid sick leave is a key priority for us when bargaining - we can help you fight to improve your rights when you can't make it to work.

Does your store meet the standard? If not, why not join the BC Budtenders Union?

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